Prosecutor Chris Darden From O.J. Simpson’s Murder Trial Gives Revealing Reddit AMA

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O.J. Simpson was granted parole after his hearing and will be released on October 1. Simpson was granted release for his 2008 conviction of an armed robbery involving two sports memorabilia dealers in a Las Vegas hotel room. The former football legend was moved out of general population and put in protective custody because prison officials believe that it is possible that an inmate “with nothing to lose” may hurt or kill Simpson before his release to raise their own profile. Christopher Darden is a man who knows Orenthal James Simpson, he was the prosecutor on O.J.’s infamous murder trial. On Saturday, Darden gave a Reddit AMA and there were some interesting revelations.

IceCubeTrey55: What was the reaction of your family and friends after they learned you had taken the case?
Christopher Darden: I didn’t really have any friends outside the DA’s office. And a lot of those friends were supportive while others, even though they were prosecutors, went about the business of stabbing me in the back every chance they got. But that is the nature of lawyers — to consume their own.

oopleeaze: Who do you think was the most credible witness in the trial?
Christopher Darden: Philip Vannatter.

smahoho: Thoughts on Faye Resnick?
Christopher Darden: LOL. LOL. Laughing my ass off.

aFamiliarStranger: My question is in regards to the suitcase that was in OJ’s custody on the day he arrived from Chicago; later, Rob Kardashian walked away with it. I’m not asking for speculation on what was in it, but rather curious how big of a focal point it was for the prosecution team to obtain it? Do you think the state could have gotten the contents of the suitcase? And finally, how do you personally feel about about potential evidence walking out the front door for the “Trial of the Century”?
Christopher Darden: Every time I see video of Simpson handing the Louis Vuitton bag to Kardashian, it makes me sick. We never learned the contents of the bag. I brought Kardashian to the Grand Jury and asked him about the bag under oath. There’s nothing more I could say about that.

TreasonousTeacher: How did Johnny Cochrane change the tone of the trial from murder to racism so effectively?
Christopher Darden: Cochrane used the media to change the conversation as effectively as Donald Trump does.

FresherUnderPressure: How do you feel on the whole ‘if the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit’ saying? Do you think they could have made a better rhyme?
Christopher Darden: Well, quite honestly, I did not appreciate at the time the impact that little ditty had on the jurors. I thought it was a kids rhyme for idiots, to be honest, but it was effective.

3ach3r24: Do you feel OJ really put forth his best effort when trying on the glove? To me, it has always appeared that he bent his hand just enough to prevent the glove from sliding on.
Christopher Darden: Thank you. And no, he played around with it and tried to avoid making it fit. I hoped the jury would recognize that, but they couldn’t see it, because they didn’t want to see it.

brusty: What was your relationship like with Johnnie Cochran like after the OJ verdict?
Christopher Darden: When I began my solo practice as a criminal defense attorney, one of my first clients was a man referred to me by Johnny Cochrane.

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