Some Bro Made An OkCupid Account And Only Responded To Girls Using A Chatbot, Much Desperation Ensued


Does everyone remember Cleverbot? No? Well for those of you who didn’t live in the golden age of screen names and AIM, it was a chatbot that you could talk to, as long as your definition of “talk” was “say something and then get an almost completely arbitrary response in return.” It was like talking to a wall, except the wall replied with gibberish and drool. Well, cleverbot is back…but better.

Some Bro out there has dedicated a Tumblr page to posting screencaps of his conversations with women on OkCupid, except he takes whatever the girls say, puts it into cleverbot, then copies and pastes its response back to them.

From the Tumblr page Girls Who Date Computers,

“A fake OkCupid profile was created to see if anyone could ever talk to and fall in love with
This experiment was intended to explore the implications of the Turing test
within the context of online dating utilities in New York City.

All conversations were initiated by the girl, and all text was passed through

Responses were then copied and pasted into OkCupid.”

You’d think that they’d stop responding to the bot after it starts to respond with complete non-sequiturs, but nope! If you’re on OkCupid, the chances of being desperate enough to get laid that you’ll carry a full-on conversation with a robot are apparently very, very high.





It’s okay cleverbot, I’m sure you’ll find friends at some point.

[H/T Daily Dot]
[Images via Girls Who Date Computers]

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