Old Drunk Dude Gets Knocked Out Cold By Painter After He Attacked Him With Gardening Tool

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A very disturbed old man comes out to protest a painter that was in the air on a cherry picker. He waddles over to the machine that is keeping the painter elevated and acts as though he is going to cut the hydraulics with a pair of cutting shears, which could cause the painter to plummet.

The disorderly gentleman screams, “C’mon bitch! C’mon!”

Worried that the seemingly drunk old codger could fuck with the cherry picker, the painter wisely begins to descend.

The shirtless man gets right in the painter’s face and spouts, “C’mon hit a disabled guy!”

The older gentleman poses this question to the painter, “What do you want to do bitch?”

“I’ve been listening to this for the last five days, all night long,” the old bag shouts.

“I can’t sleep,” the geezer says. “Fuck you! Fuck you bitch!”

Then the crazy old man attempts to attack the painter, who is still in the basket of the crane, with the bypass lopper gardening tool. The painter then knocks out the old man by Sparta kicking the old fool into the pavement, even breaking his bypass lopper. The painter continues to record the situation and doesn’t help the unconscious old man.

The apparent painter in the video defends his post-fight behavior:

Rather than respond to everyone’s comments individually I’ll just address some consistent questions…

As for recording vertically. I’m sorry. I wasn’t filming for entertainment purposes I was filming to document.

As for the cutters breaking it appears they already had a loose handle which I did not know at the time.

As for punching him. I did not hit him. I gave him the old “this is Sparta” kick back and he must have hit his head on the way down.

As for why I did not want to stop recording and use my phone to call police. I was not recording for my protection from the old man coming after me. I was recording to prove I did not move him with a potential broken neck etc. after seeing he was breathing and blinking and moving his head I was not concerned about blocked airways. After the guy said they disabled his phone I immediately called 911 and they told me to stay away and let the medics handle it.

The fact that the main reason that this old kook was complaining was because he was not getting sleep is so ironic it hurts. Probably doesn’t hurt as much as this old man’s head, but it still hurts never-the-less.