Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Bourbon, And Then Some (Infographic)

Yesterday I brought you bros a lengthy piece on what I deem to be the best bourbons on the market, which glasses you should be drinking those bourbons out of, and a few cocktail recipes for you bros who aren’t looking to drink your bourbon neat. Without patting myself on the back too much, my article entitled ‘Bourbons Every Bro Should Know, Love, And Keep Stocked On His Shelf’ did a fairly good job at introducing some new bourbons and some new cocktails, but I’m realizing today that I stopped short in discussing anything about bourbon itself: the history, how it’s made, who were the main players in the bourbon scene throughout history, etc.

Well, since it’s still Bourbon Heritage month today we’re checking out an infographic from Old Forester Bourbon entitled ‘Bourbon Without Rules’. Unlike most infographics I come across on a daily basis, this one is actually good, and it actually dropped some knowledge on me that I enjoyed:

Feel smarter? Because you should. For more information on Old Forester just follow that link on over to their website. And for some info on other bourbons and how to drink them CLICK HERE to read my homage to bourbon from yesterday.

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