Old Man Takes His First Dab And Loses His Goddamn Mind

We all enjoyed the three lil old ladies smoking weed for the first time, but now we up the ante. In this splendid video we witness what happens when a senior citizen takes his first dab. The concentrated cannabis packs a major punch as this 62-year-old quickly finds out. Although this gentleman appears to have experienced a myriad of different mind-altering substances in his life, he is not prepared for his first dab. The BHO is so potent that he attempts to verbalize the high:

“WOOOOOOW! Dude, what are you trying to do to me man? Wow dude. You got me seeing stars and shit. Ohhh dude, you better get me some water or something man. That was crazy dude. Woah I better go sit down.”

He’s so completely baked that he forgets that he’s already sitting down. Maybe a smaller hit next time old-timer because just a dab will do ya.