It Snowed At The Oregon Zoo Yesterday And The Animals Had So Much Fun, Especially The Baby Polar Bears

by 4 years ago

As I’m sure you’ve all heard by now, the West Coast has been getting pounded with snow and rain. One of the places that got snow was the Oregon Zoo, located in Portland. During the snow day the zoo keepers still made their typical rounds, checking in on all the animals, and letting them out for playtime and feeding.

As you’ll see momentarily, most of the animals went absolutely nuts when they saw the snow. The baby and juvenile polar bears probably had the best days of their entire lives. The elephants have never looked happier. The seals were elated at the frosty white stuff on the ground. But, the otters weren’t having any of it and just wanted to stay in the water.

If you’ve never been to this zoo you should know it’s a little different than most zoos because it’s built into the natural landscape of Portland. Instead of designing complete new habitats for the animals out of imported materials, this zoo has incorporated as much of the Oregon terrain into the layout as possible, making it feel significantly more authentic than most other zoos in the world. If you ever find yourself in that part of the world I highly suggest swinging into the Portland Zoo for a few hours and checking out the Bald Eagles exhibit…It’s second to none.

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