Parents Are Outraged Because A Bunch Of Hooters Waitresses Visited A Cub Scout Camp

I remember my first trip to Hooter’s like it was yesterday. I was in 4th grade. I was in Ocean City, Maryland with my mom and grandparents for summer vacation. We visited the now-closed location out on the Coastal Highway for a pleasant afternoon of wings on their deck. I believe my grandfather posed for a few pictures with some Hooter’s girls. All-in-all, a wonderful family outing. I was a big fan of Hooter’s then and I’m still a big fan today. The Penn Station location is easily the best place to pre-game for a concert at Madison Square Garden in NYC.

But not everyone shares the same ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ attitude about the chain restaurant that features waitresses in skimpy clothes. In Colorado, parents are outraged because a Hooters restaurant sponsored a local Cub Scout camp. Via ABC 7 Denver:

Parents were outraged after finding out that Hooters girls had not only posed for photos with a Colorado Cub Scout camp ground, but had sponsored the event in the first place.

A Denver mom was in disbelief when she picked up her 7-year-old son from the Frontier District Day Camp and saw the Hooters girls.

Hooters Colorado took down the Facebook photos once Denver7 began asking questions.

Although parents complained about the unlikely sponsorship, the outfits seemed to be the least of their concerns. In pictures now removed from the Facebook page, the Hooters employees wore tight fitting camp t-shirts and short shorts.

“It’s just the philosophies of the two organizations are polar opposites and I just don’t think they should be together,” said Marsha Corn, another concerned parent.

Other parents complained of having to have “hard conversations” about why they were upset to their children.

Personally, I think the whole situation is whack. They weren’t in skimpy outfits, they weren’t posing provocative with their kids. If the parents were picking up their kids from a camp sponsored by Olive Garden they wouldn’t have batted an eye. Yet Hooters and the waitresses who volunteered to help at the camp are being shamed and ridiculed for providing some very generous community service.

It’s a classic double standard that’s all too common in the Great American Outrage Machine. I hope these wussy parents shelter their kids from community service events led by the Denver Broncos cheerleaders too.

What a ridiculous thing to get mad about in 2016.

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