Former Penthouse Pet Of The Year Describes Her Sexual Encounters With Michael J. Fox And Axl Rose And Jesus Axl, Do Less.


In an exclusive interview with Daily Mail, Sheila Kennedy, former Penthouse Pet of the Year in the 80’s, details the trials and tribulations of being an 18-year-old growing up in the Penthouse mansion and having full exposure to the megastars of the time.

She delves into everything from her volatile, controlling relationship with Penthouse founder Bob Guccione while living above him in the Penthouse mansion to her sexcapades with Bob and his girlfriend, former Mets pitcher Ron Darling, singer Engelbert Humperdinck, actor Michael J. Fox and Guns n’ Roses frontman Axl Rose.

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The interview is fascinating, as it pulls back the curtain on some household names and  juxtaposes the stars public persona to their behavior when they think there’s no consequence. Check it out HERE.

If you guys don’t feel like reading, I’ve taken some chunks out that I found most shocking. The now 53-year-old Sheila Kennedy discusses Axl Rose’s sexually violent behavior when she went back to his suite after a show.

She knew as soon as she walked into the bathroom and saw bottles of prescription medication added to the mounds of cocaine and alcohol being consumed – it could turn ugly.

But she was riding high; she was a Penthouse Pet of the Year, used to partying with musicians, actors and athletes. She pushed her fears aside and carried on.

Earlier she had no clue who Axl Rose, lead singer of Guns N’ Roses was. She just thought he was ‘gorgeous’ when she’d seen him in Manhattan’s Cat Club.

Now she was partying with him in his suite. It seemed like so much of her life – a fantasy.

She claims that Axl grabbed her by her hair, cutting her legs as he dragged her across the carpet and threw her forcibly, face down onto the bed.

He tied her hands behind her back and he had sex with her. And when he was done he apologized. 

Christ. Sheila claims that she has no emotional scars from the experience, but goddamn.

The experience she had with Michael J. Fox is something we’ve all experienced. Which makes it hilarious. And it doesn’t involve tying anyone up.

It was the late eighties and Fox was in Manhattan filming Bright Lights, Big City, the movie of the book of the same name about a writer who is a fact checker by day and cocaine-using partygoer at night.

She met him at China Club and reveals she had an amazing time with the actor.

‘We went to after hours places. We got kicked out of one place at seven or eight in the morning. He said, “Come back to my place.” At the time I think he had just met Tracy who ended up being his wife. I said okay,’ Kennedy says.

Sheila is uncharacteristically coy about the events that followed saying only that she stayed at Michael J Fox’s penthouse and when she woke the following day the actor was gone as he had an early call.

She remembers: ‘I got up and there’s stuff laid out for me to wear. Like his sweatpants, I actually fit into his shoes. I think they were size 8 – they were a little big but he’s a little guy.

‘There was a T-shirt there. I put it on and I had my leather [clothes from the night before] stuffed in a bag.’

Later that day she received a phone call from Michael J. Fox’s secretary, to this day she doesn’t know how she got the number, informing her that Michael wanted his clothes back.

She says: ‘I literally had to go and take all his clothes back and drop them off to the front doorman. I never saw him again.’


[h/t Daily Mail]

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