Research Shows That 20% Of People Who Live In This Part Of The United States Have Cheated On Their Partners

According to a May 2015 study of 2,000 Americans conducted by Avo, 20% of people who live on the west coast of the United States have admitted to cheating on their partners. Take special notice of the phrase “have admitted” – I’m sure some people took the survey and straight-up lied on it to save face. With that in mind the statistic could be registering lower than it really is, but regardless 20% is a helluva lot of people. Via Daily Mail,

Those who lived in the Midwest were the most faithful in their romantic relationships.
Only 10 per cent of Midwesterners report cheating on a partner compared with 16 per cent of people in the Northeast, 17 per cent in the South.

The study, which was focused on relationship trends across the United States , finds that more men than women have cheated on their partner in every U.S. region.

Satisfaction in a relationship doesn’t necessarily equal a track record of faithfulness, either.

Despite 95 per cent of those surveyed reporting they were satisfied in their relationship, one in six have cheated on a partner.

The study also went on to state that more men reported having cheated on their partners than women, with 20% of men stating they’ve cheated as opposed to 13% of women.

As to why the west coast appears to have more cheaters than the east, according to Ramani Duvasula, a psychologist who spoke with Yahoo News, the reason could lie in the fact that the west coast tends to have larger cities full of transplanted people, whereas the Midwest does not.

Big cities will often have a lot of transplants from other parts of the country who may have moved because they seek a life of more excitement and opportunity.
‘These cities are filled with transplants,’ she says.

‘The very personality traits that lead to someone relocating are likely to result in greater openness, and that can also translate into more ‘a-moral’ behaviors, such as cheating.

Durvasula said that L.A. may have a higher-than-normal rate of cheaters since it’s an artistic and creative city that ‘may be more populated by those higher in the trait of openness, which may be more likely to translate into infidelity.

There are also just bigger more populated cities on the west coast like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Jose than there are in the Midwest.(via)

Moral of the story: if you’re looking to safely settle down without much fuss and not a concern in the world that your wife may be boning the mailman, move to Kentucky. If you’re looking for orgies, move to California.

[H/T Daily Mail]