People Think This Robot Is A Real Woman And Are Saying She’s ‘Sexy’ Because People Are Idiots

robot sexy


According to the Mirror, one in two people who see this robot that looks like a woman think that she is a human being.

That’s fine. I can live with that I suppose. But there is also a whole section of people who, while knowing that it is a robot, also think that it is sexy.

Named Actroid F, the 5ft 6in machine looks like a human being, blinks, responds to eye contact and recognises body language.

Robots are being built that look more and more convincing so researcher Dr David Silvera-Tawil wanted to find out if Geminoid F can be told apart from an actual person.

Footage of this particular robot was originally released online in 2010, but recently viewers have been taking to YouTube to express their opinions on the life-like device, with many saying they find the doll ‘sexy’.

One viewer wrote: “I wish they had these before I married my ex-wife.”

Another added: “Is it weird if I think she’s cute?”

Yes, it’s weird.

Watch and see if you too are one of the weirdos who find the robot sexy…

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