Genius Bro Creates The Perfect Car Horn(s), Has Different Horn Buttons For Every Situation

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This is currently the #1 trending video on YouTube and for very good reason. This bro has created the perfect car horn. In actuality, he’s created a set of car horns and each of them has a unique purpose. Instead of having one loud ass horn for every situation this guy has altered his car to have multiple horns. He has a light ‘double tap’ horn for when the light turns green and the person up front is distracted and on their phone. There’s also an ‘atomic horn’ for when you really need to get an angry point across.

The lightest of the honks, the ‘courtesy honk’, is something that should come as a standard feature in every car on the planet. I spent the last 9 or so years in NYC and had a car in the city for most of that time because I own what would be classified as a ‘Giant’ dog. I became pretty cavalier in the use of my car’s horn, and when I moved back to Florida where I was born and raised I’d completely forgotten about the reaction you get here when honking the horn.

Elderly drivers shit in their pampers the second you use the horn in Florida. First, you’ll see the foot come off the red brake lights and the car lurch forward about an inch. Then you’ll see the car immediately stop again as the geriatric driver needs to collect their thoughts as if hearing the honking of a car horn was the most traumatizing experience they’ve endured during 100+ years on this planet…For this situation, the ‘courtesy horn’ is perfect.

There are situations that call for the LOUD AS ALL HELL car horn, and I think that horn should also come standard in every vehicle. There’s absolutely no reason that we should have only one type of horn/one type of communication when we have literally thousands of ways to communicate outside of the car.

The bro who built the world’s greatest car horn actually shows you how to make this exact setup, and he links all of the products in the video description on YouTube. So, if you want to make one of these yourself you can easily do that by following his instructions.

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