Look At The Perfect Pair Of Tits On This Bodybuilder

My first reaction to this video was, “WOW nice tits!” Then I realized that this gentleman must be injecting something into his chest and his breasts are unnatural, then my reaction was “WOW nice tits!”

This buxom gentleman appeared on the Brazilian television show Hoje Em Dia, which translated from Portuguese means These Days. The bodybuilder showed off his swollen and round physique, which is obviously the result of hard work at the gym and a shit-ton of synthol. Guess he skipped forearm day, or couldn’t inject synthol into those toothpick forearms.

Who the hell has time to actually work out at the gym when you can just shoot a liquid into your body and have your muscles ridiculously bloat out like balloons. Sadly, he has quickly devolved from bodybuilding into body dysmorphia and self-mutilation.

I gotta say, I’ve seen a lot of fake breasts in my life, and this dude has a great, symmetrical set of titties. They’re like puffy clouds.

The only question left to be asked is… would you tittyfuck his breasts? Just for the goof or if you were in a pinch? Don’t lie.