Bro Picks Up A Girls On Tinder Using The Lyrics To ‘Trap Queen,’ Plans To Netflix And Chill Real HARD

Fetty Wap is my 2015 version of What’s a Chuck Liddell? No idea what the hell kind of name Fetty Wap is, but I’ll be damned if that weird-named son of a bitch didn’t manufacture a catchy-ass tune. One BroBible reader even used it recently to chase trim on Tinder. He was so pleased with his actions (naturally) that he sent us the convo.

Per his email:

Trap Queen: The bro song of the summer.
Tinder: The bro app of forever.
Picking up a girl on tinder only using trap queen lyrics: The last great bro move of the summer.

Feel free to post this on your website.

I fucking love you guys.

PS I’m gonna Netflix and Chill the shit out of her this weekend.

As you can see, he has GRAND DESIGNS of putting his peener into this lass. The text exchange below lead me to believe she’s also interested in such activities.

UPDATE: There’s more. With similar results.