Try And Guess If This Is A Photo Of A Penis Or A Guy’s Thumb With A Small Cut At The Top, Because I’m Not Really Sure

by 5 years ago


Before we begin, let’s take an in-depth look at this photo:

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My thumb was in that bandaid too long

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So OBVIOUSLY it’s a guy’s thumb, but what if we take out his hand?

dick maybe

Yeah, you could probably fool a few family members with that. According to the caption on mrgrumpystephen’s Instagram photo, his thumb had been in a bandaid for “too long” which led to his new thumb-penis. Penis-thumb? I don’t care, either way you can now say that you spent a solid ~2 minutes of your day trying to decide whether this guy’s thumb resembled a penis or not. CONGRATS!

[H/T Elite Daily, header image via Shutterstock]