Ping Pong Balls Get Mixed With Liquid Nitrogen, And ‘Boom Goes The Dynamite’

I was never one for science, which is probably why I became a writer, but one thing that I can always appreciate is a dope ass explosion.

Unable to do cool shit like blowing things up in middle and high school, that’s probably why my love for science wavered, causing me to write and say words instead. So anytime that I can watch one, I get a little bit of an itch to do it myself.

Instead of risking injury, though, I’ll just get my chemistry lesson from these Scientists from Plymouth University in the U.K., which did an experiment in the hopes that it, “will excite young (and not so young) minds to ask how and why such things happen and hence to delve deeper into science.”

I won’t speak for anyone else, but after seeing what happens when 1,650 ping pong balls are mixed with liquid nitrogen, my mind is definitely excited to see what else these smartypants can make blow up.

[H/T Mirror.CO.UK]

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