‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Actor Leaves Everything To Go Fight ISIS In Syria

You may know Michael Enright best as Edinburgh, a deckhand in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. You may remember this British actor from such television shows as CSI, Law & Order and Agents Of SHIELD. However from now on you will know Michael Enright as the Hollywood actor who gave up everything to fight ISIS.

The established 51-year-old British actor left everything to join the Kurdish People’s Protection Units and help take down ISIS. He chose to fight alongside the Kurds because he viewed them to have done a better job of stopping ISIS than other groups, plus they’re an ally of the United States.

Michael didn’t tell any of his friends or family because they knew they would think he’s crazy and try to talk him out of it. He simply packed a few belongings and boarded a plane for Syria.

While some may question the actor’s precarious decision, for Michael there was no question. “I wanted to join the fight against ISIS after the group released a series of execution videos in which they killed individuals from both Western and Arab countries,” Enright said. “It sickened me.”

Enright traded all of the comforts of his charmed life for a daily struggle of survival where the enemy could strike at a moment’s notice. He sleeps on the floor in his dusty military fatigues with his Kalashnikov rifle at arm’s reach.

The actor certainly appears to have the best intentions and has even changed his name to Mustafa Michael Ali. “I didn’t come here to run, I came here to fight and if I have to die, then I die,” Michael stated. “I didn’t come here to play games.”

Michael knows the grim possibilities of his new life. “I hope to see my friends and family again. But, you know, we’re in a war so I don’t know if that will be in this life or the next.”

Michael’s interest in the area started as far back as 2001. “For me, the biggest regret of my life was not going to Afghanistan when 9/11 happened,” he told the Daily Mail. “The beheading videos brought out the same kind of feelings in me, and a real sense that I had a duty to America. I really feel a debt to the country. You know, they welcomed me with open arms.”

When ISIS beheaded American journalist James Foley, it sent Enright into a fury. “And then what added to it all was that it was an Englishman [Jihadi John], that he had an English accent,” Michael said. “And I just, it just touched me personally, in a very deep way.”

Michael couldn’t stomach that ISIS militants were raping and killing Yazidis in Iraq. When Islamic State burned Jordanian pilot alive, Enright’s anger could no longer be contained and he refused to sit idly at home.

“I just thought… I’ve got to try to right that wrong,” Michael said.