Forget Those Hungover Trips To The Pharmacy Because Bars Are Now Selling Plan B Out Of Vending Machines

Aziz Ansari’s seminal show about millennial dating, Master of None, opens with him and a one-night stand taking an Uber to a pharmacy to purchase the morning after pill after the condom broke. Or they didn’t use one. I forget which. That show kinda sucked.

Plus, it’s already dated. Who goes to the pharmacy anymore to purchase their Plan B? Not when you can grab it at the bar your at before heading home with your hook up. Think of how that smooth move will play.

Either it will backfire because of your presumption of screwing, as well as the odd fastidiousness of purchasing Plan B right before a hook up mixed with the cavalier regard as to where that Plan B is coming from from.

Or, yea, it will backfire.

Regardless, an astute reporter at DNA Info noticed that a combination laundromat-speakeasy now sells Plan B out of its vending machine.

Sunshine Laundromat and Pinball in Greenpoint, wasn’t a traditional laundromat to begin with, since in addition to an arcade’s worth of pinball machines, it also has a bar in the back.

But the neighborhood laundering staple also boasts a vending machine stocked with lots of family planning tools: at-home pregnancy tests priced at $10, personal lubricant for $10 and the morning after pill, PlanB, for $35.

The family planning vending machine items sit just above some more familiar vending machine offerings, like Snickers and Almond Joy candy bars and M&M packets.

The owner of Sunshine said it was more of a joke than anything, beginning with pregnancy tests before mutating into a coin-operated one stop sex shop. Since Plan B is now sold over the counter, the vending machine deal is perfectly okay.

According to FDA spokeswoman Andrea Fischer, “there is no provision in the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act that prohibits the sale of over-the-counter drug preparations in vending machines or in places other than drug stores.”

I want this to become a thing nationwide, if only because of how badly dudes will make asses of themselves doing it.

[Via DNA Info]