This Is How You Can Play Music On YouTube While Still Using Other Apps On Your Phone

We’ve all been there – Spotify or SoundCloud doesn’t have the song you’re looking for while you’re on the road, so instead you turn to YouTube because YouTube has everything regardless of how legal it is. You get your song playing and then switch back to Google Maps because you don’t want to get lost…except now the song isn’t playing. So which do you choose, navigation or music?

Well now you don’t need to pick between either, because there’s a way for you to use both without shutting down YouTube. According to Daily Mail, a Buzzfeed reporter in India has figured out a work-around, however you need to open YouTube in your phone’s browser rather than the app:

First, open Safari and type out Bypass the request to open it in the app, and continue to the website.

Find the song you’re looking for, and start playing it.

Then, minimize the screen.

This will pause the song, as usual, but swiping up from the bottom of your screen to pull open the control centre will bring it up in the audio player.

Then just press play, and the YouTube song will play in the background while you do other tasks.

This, however, does not solve the problem where you minimize YouTube and then get stuck sitting through an entire 30-second ad because you forgot to press “Skip Ad” before going on about your day. Gotta keep payin’ attention no matter what if you don’t wanna sit through a soppy Sarah McLachlan PETA ad while you’re driving!

[H/T Buzzfeed / Daily Mail]