Former Playboy Model Dani Mathers May Receive Jail Time For Snapping A Pic Of A Naked Woman In Her Gym Locker Room

You bros may remember back in July when Dani Mathers, a 29-year-old Playboy model and 2015 “Playmate Of The Year,” got herself in a world of social media hurt after she posted a Snapchat of a woman who had just come out of the shower her gym, LA Fitness in Universal City, California.

She captioned the below photo with, “If I can’t unsee this, then you can’t either.”

Objectively a total dick move.

Mathers quickly deleted the snap and posted a follow up one claiming that it was “part of a personal conversation with a girlfriend” and accidentally uploaded it. She profusely apologized on her Twitter, an account that has since been deleted.

Her apology fell on deaf ears, as she was fired from her job with Los Angeles’ KLOS radio station and banned from all L.A. Fitness locations.

Mathers’ god awful judgement looks to still be following her around, possibly with the worst to come.

According to TMZ,

We’ve learned the woman — in her 70’s — wants Mathers to feel the full force of the law for taking a pic of her while she was changing clothes in the locker room of an LA Fitness. The woman is more than willing to testify and cooperate in any way she can to bring Mathers to justice.

As for the likely charge … we’re told it’s Dissemination of Private Images, a misdemeanor punishable by 6 months in jail. The L.A. City Attorney is reviewing the case and will make a decision soon.

Yikes. In the age of social media, one shitty decision can fuck. you. up. Try to fight the urge to take pictures of old dudes’ balls in the gym locker room, bros. If possible.

[h/t Mic]

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