Police Dog Pic Goes Viral After Vancouver PD Shares Priceless Photo Of The Pup Holding On For Dear Life

by 3 years ago

A spectacular photo of a police-dog-in-training has gone viral after the Vancouver PD shared the image on their Instagram. In the photo you can see the almost fully-grown shepherd participating in a rappelling exercise with one of the officers (or trainers?).

Both the officer/trainder and the police dog are strapped into harnesses and are going through the normal rappelling motions, only the dog wants absolutely NOTHING to do with this drill. The police dog, named Niko, is holding onto that dude’s leg for dear life, and the picture is absolutely priceless:

Even if you’re not a dog owner can you appreciate why this image from the Vancouver PD Instagram account has been going viral, it’s absolutely adorable. The dog’s pulling a straight up ‘NOPE, fuck this, I want nothing to do with this training exercise.’

My dog also holds my arms like that whenever she’s passed out on the couch and the neighbors in the apartment above me drop their bowling ball on the wooden floor repeatedly for over an hour, which seems to happen like once a day. Dogs > Cats. Also, if you’re wondering what Niko looks like when he’s not scared shitless, here’s a photo of one of Niko’s siblings (they look nearly identical):

I can’t help but wonder if the Vancouver PD K-9 Unit have EVER even come close to need to rappel. I get that you train for the worst case scenario, but this one almost seems like it’s entirely out of the realm of possibility…no?

Anyways, shout out to HuffPo Canada for sharing this pic of Niko!

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