Police Officer Caught Abusing His Canine Police Dog On Camera

by 5 years ago

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I don’t care how bad of a day you’re having…. There is ZERO excuse to start clubbing your dog like this and choking it out by its collar. The YouTube video comes from Hammond, Indiana, where an officer whipped the canine police dog with a lesh in a yard while residents watched in horror. The town’s mayor was outraged, as one would be:

“Anybody who loves dogs as much as I do is always saddened and shocked anytime you hear of a dog’s abuse. When you find out it happened with an employee of yours, it makes it that much more shocking and disturbing. Please know that the Hammond PD does not condone that type of behavior of any of its officers, nor is it tolerated in this administration.”

The officer has been placed on administrative leave and an investigation is pending. The dog will also be removed from the officer’s control.

[H/T: Elite Daily]