Police In Spain Smash The Window Of A Boiling Car To Save A Dog Trapped Inside

I never really understand why people leave their dogs in hot cars. You know it’s not healthy for them. Plus, people get all defensive about it. Even if you hate dogs, you have people punching their way into your car to save the dog. So then you have an angry dog, people wagging fingers at you and a shattered window. You literally have completely lost.

Take this cop in Spain who broke into a car to save a pitbull from the sweltering heat.

Via Mirror:

The pit bull had been left locked in the vehicle in searing 35C heat – and was minutes away from death when the officer stepped in, according to reports. After smashing the window, the Spanish Civil Guard dragged the panting animal out of the car and pulled it into some shade on the pavement.

The dog is then given a bowl of water, which it laps up as it lies on the cool concrete while the police officer uses a damp sponge to bring down the pooch’s body temperature. Thankfully, reports suggest that the dog has made a good recovery since its ordeal.

It is believed the incident took place in the Vinalopó area of Alicante and the owner now faces a charge of animal abuse. The video has been viewed on the Spanish Civil Guard’s Facebook page more than 1.1 million times.”

[protected-iframe id=”170d271bef35c66262e449f9640fd1eb-97886205-102718330″ info=”//players.brightcove.net/4221396001/60716998-ff67-4298-8bd7-2162e15a858d_default/index.html?videoId=5041496939001″ width=”640px” height=”360px” frameborder=”0″]

That dude’s car is ruined. But that’s pretty fucked up of him. That pitbull was literally desperate for help. Look at it panting. It made a beeline to the shade and literally collapsed. This cop’s a hero, shattered window or not. Plus, this should be a lesson for that dude who locked his dog in a hot car. Even if he still hates dogs, the dude should now learn not to lock dogs in the car. Otherwise his car will be fucked every time.