Your Political Social Media Rants Do JACK SQUAT For Changing Minds, Broheim

A social media marketing firm called Rantic conducted a study of 10,000 social media users to find out the effectiveness of posting political rants. The results will astound you. But, not really.

Here’s the infographic summarizing the findings…

My hot takes:

  1. Republicans post more than Democrats by 5%
  2. Democrats are savage when it comes to unfriending.
  3. Republicans are more stubborn and judgmental.
  4. 85-94% of social media users have never changed their mind about an issue based on a political post.
  5. At least 60% of users think social media is not an appropriate place to discuss politics.

As annoying as the political posts now, they’re only gonna get worse come October into November. Hillary Clinton is the devil. Donald Trump is Hitler. It’s like the world’s worst edition of “Would You Rather?”

What do you think Hitler and the devil talk about? Like, Hitler’s definitely hanging out with Satan 24/7. Is it just a bunch of “Glory Days” stories and dick measuring?

I’m still perplexed as to why we don’t just inject both candidates with truth serum and then debate.

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Via Mental Floss, WIRED

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