A Dude Named Lance Wore An Embroidered Polo Shirt To A Business Meeting With Barack Obama

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Guys named Lance are really solid guys. Maybe they fix your HVAC system, maybe they… actually, pretty much the only job I can think of that a dude named Lance could hold down is with an HVAC company. Lance drives a van, works pretty hard, but not too hard. He’s got a good set of tools. Likes a beer or two at quitting time.

And when Lance sits down to meet with the President of the United States, Lance doesn’t bother changing from his work polo to his business suit, because a guy named Lance doesn’t have a business suit. No bother. Sure, Lance has a President of the United States to meet right now, but later, he’s still got an HVAC unit to fix.

That up there is Lance Futch, and he actually doesn’t work for an HVAC company. Works for a solar firm. And because of a mix up, he didn’t know he’d be sitting down with Barack Obama last week. From the New York Post:

Because of mixed signals, Lance Futch, 26, turned up on Friday at a Utah Air Force base in a wrinkled polo shirt, expecting to be led into a large auditorium to talk about how to get more jobs for vets.

Instead, he was ushered into an intimate setting with Utah’s senator, Orrin Hatch, and congressman, Rob Bishop, two chairs away from Obama.

“I was told that it was going to be an informal event — that it was going to be business casual,” Futch told The Post Wednesday.

Lance kept it chill though, perhaps thanks to all his experience with heating and cooling systems.

But Futch, an employee of a solar company called Vivint and a member of the Air National Guard, winged the situation with ease — and managed to get in a plug for his firm, since his polo shirt was imprinted with the company’s name.

“He asked me about Vivint Solar. I was able to tell him: ‘We feel like we’re leading a revolution in the solar industry. We also feel like we’re empowering people. We’re giving them wonderful careers in a growing industry,’” Futch recalled.

Good for Lance. Show ’em solar power is salt of the Earth.