Are You Down For Popeyes Chicken Tenders Covered In A Cookie Crust?

Popeyes makes exceptional chicken tenders. In the category of greatest fast food fried chicken, Popeyes is definitely in the conversation. Their super crispy, flaky coating perfectly complements their moist chicken. But, Americans are a fickle bunch and we demand that things always change with new foods that push the boundaries of contemporary thinking, such as jelly donut Oreos. Popeyes is ready to push the envelope on fried chicken with their “Sweet & Crunchy Tenders” that are made with cookies. That’s right cookies. Cookies and chicken.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen’s Sweet &; Crunchy Tenders are breaded with crumbled up shortbread cookies which gives it a sweet taste and a crunchy texture. To make things more interesting they come with a smokin’ pepper jam sauce, which is said to be a mix between a classic pepper jelly and sweet chili sauce. It sounds like Popeyes is putting their own spin on the chicken and waffles. You can get Sweet & Crunchy Tenders, along with a side, and biscuit for $5 until June 25. So are you trying this cookie-crusted chicken that are covered in cookies like Girl Scout Trefoils or are you under the philosophy that cookies and chicken should not be combined?

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