This Crazy Looking Spider Has Three Insane Super Powers AND It Eats Other Spiders

by 12 months ago

If you suffer from arachnophobia this particular spider is about to haunt your dreams. The Portia Spider is akin to a meta-human of the spider world. It possesses three super powers, and these are legitimate super powers no matter how you look at it.

The first super power found in the Portia Spider is the ability to jump FIFTY TIMES the spider’s own body length. That’s the equivalent of an average adult male being able to jump 300-feet. The second super power is unimaginably keen eyesight.

This spider’s ability to discern its prey from foliage in the forest even when the prey isn’t moving. Why isn’t the prey on the move? Well, this spider eats other spiders. Yes, this spider’s so badass that it survives by eating other spiders in the forest and for that reason, I’m willing to call the Portia Spider a total bro.

Eating other spiders isn’t exactly easy, and that brings us to the Portia Spider’s third super power: genius-level intelligence. This spider is far and away the smartest one you’ll find in the jungle. This spider can map its entire world in 3D, and this enables it to swoop in undetected and eat other spiders THREE TIMES its size.


This clip about the Portia Spider is part of BBC’s The Hunt. I blogged about another clip from The Hunt last week and it showed a spider that can shoot it’s steely web 80-feet to cross rivers. If you’re looking to learn more about crazy ass spiders, just follow that link.

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