PRANKS: Hot Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Shows Up To Ruin Her Man’s Tinder Dates

You really don’t know what you’re going to get when you go on a Tinder date. That’s part of the beauty of it all. Prank YouTube channel HammyTV decided to purposely make things interesting for three young women who went on a Tinder date for a guy named Ryan.

Ryan picks the lucky ladies up in his car and they are driving to his house when his crazy ex-girlfriend continually calls him. He pulls up outside his house and there she is… the crazy ex-girlfriend. She says that she is not an ex, but rather was his girlfriend last night.

The ex climbs on the car and enters the vehicle through the sunroof.

The beautiful Tinder date who is German says, “I don’t want to deal with crazy American girls.”

The brunette just gets impatient and starts honking the horn.

After a near fight with the German girl and the ex, Ryan wisely drives away.

Later Ryan reveals to the women that the whole thing was a prank and some of the girls laugh it off and the hot German girl is stunned.

The prank is actually on Ryan because he was taking a beautiful German girl home with him and then he carried through with a silly prank that totally made her agitated.