PRANKS: Zombie Apocalypse Infects Philly As Hordes Of Undead Terrorize City

Did you go through zombie withdrawals on Sunday when there was no Walking Dead on your TV? While you’ll probably have to wait until October for Season 6 of The Walking Dead, we’ll attempt to satiate your appetite for flesh-eating walkers with this incredibly elaborate zombie apocalypse prank.

There were mindless, scary figures prowling the streets of Philadelphia, and that was even before this prank happened. The fine folks at Prank Vs Prank infected the City of Brotherly Love with hordes of their frightening zombies.

The beauty and believability in this prank is that there’s seemingly hundreds of zombies chasing people. Many pranks have one measly zombie, that’s not a zombie apocalypse. But hundreds of zombies walking around in search of brains makes people believe that some major shit is about to go down.

I do appreciate that these zombies are able to run. I never understood the lethargic undead that could not run. This type of zombie with the mobility of Tom Brady started by filmmaker George Romero in his legendary horror flick Night of the Living Dead. Romero says zombies can not run because “Their ankles would break.” Oh so you care about logistics when it comes to ankles? What about how the body would begin rotting the second the heart stopped beating? Or that the gasses and bacteria in the stomach would cause zombie stomach’s to explode? Or how the zombies would go weeks without eating? So I’m glad that this prank had their zombies run. I also respect this prank because they did not discriminate, and terrorized everyone including adorable toddlers. They look horrified. Good luck getting those young tikes to sleep in their own bed for the next 10 years.