Possible Next President Of France Fell In Love With His Wife When He Was 15 Then Married Her

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On Sunday, the second round of France’s presidential election takes place between independent Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen. The election is being touted as France’s most important election in decades because it will have major implications on the European Union. Macron won the first round of the election, which took place on April 23, when he received 24% compared to Le Pen’s 21%. Macron, who is the leader of “En Marche!” movement, is expected to win the election. If Macron wins the election that means that France’s first lady will be Brigitte Trogneux, who has an interesting story of how she met her husband.

Emmanuel Macron fell in love with Brigitte Trogneux when he was only 15-years-old. The possible next president of France met his future wife at his school because she was his literature teacher. Then named Brigitte Auziere, she was 40-years-old and was a married mother-of-three. She ran the theater club at his Jesuit school in Amiens. In an attempt to see more of his teacher, Macron convinced Brigitte to help him write a play in the 11th grade.

The work “brought us together every Friday” and “unleashed an incredible closeness,” Brigitte told Paris Match.

By the time Macron was 17, he declared his intention to marry his school teacher.

“Little by little I was totally charmed by his intelligence,” she said. “He wasn’t like the others.”

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