Here’s What Every Presidential Candidate Looks Like With A Beard, Hillary Looks Like A Drunk Englishman

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It took me seeing these photoshopped images of U.S. Presidential Election candidates (and potential candidates) for me to realize that none of the current candidates have beards. Ben Carson had some scruff but as the saying goes ‘HE GONE’, and we’re now faced with an entire field of Presidential Election candidates who have faces as bare as a baby’s butt.

With all the talk about how the ‘political elite’ have lost touch with the proletariat, I think it’s important to at least take a look at what these candidates look like with beards (Marco Rubio’s a dead ringer for Cuban dictator Fidel Castro). These photoshops from Buzzfeed are pretty damn good, so before I ramble on any more let’s check out what the field looks like when they’ve got a little scruff on their faces. We’ll go in order of 1) still running, 2) dropped out of the race but still looks damn good with a beard, and 3) did not run but the people are still holding out for a late entry:

What The Current Presidential Candidates Look Like With Beards

The comment says Ted Cruz is looking like the ‘Bloody Baron’ but all I see is Abe Lincoln:

Somehow this manages to show Donald Trump‘s true age (he’ll turn 70-years-old in June):

A dead ringer for long time Cuban Dictator and cigar aficionado Fidel Castro:

Marco Rubio Is Literally Falling Apart From The Inside
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