This Guy Paints Amazing Portraits With His Penis But Cleanup Is Probably A Nightmare

Pricasso In Action


Tim Patch, also known around the world as Pricasso, found his true calling in life. He paints with his dick. I don’t want to know how he came to the realization that his penis had such artistic ability.

Pricasso is more than just one dick..sorry, TRICK pony. He takes his art seriously.

For Pricasso, the creation of the art is just as important as the finished product, and his talent lies in getting his dick and other sensitive areas to cooperate as he splashes his genitals with paint and goes to town on a canvas.

Pricasso has been Vincent Van Donging it for decades but his work is finally get it’s moment in the sun. Pricasso’s boner-brushed art will be on display at Sexpo in London in November. The expo is even waiving their strict “no-nudity” so that Pricasso can work a canvas in-person.

I’m also an artist with my dingus but I’m more of a Jackson Pollack as I let my urine splash around the bathroom, especially on the walls if it’s late at night and I can’t find the light switch. Each morning I awake to a new masterpiece.

If you want to watch Pricasso in action, click here for a NSFW video and WOW did you click that link fast.

[via Jezebel]

Pricasso Final Portrait