This Prostitute Claims To Have Had Sex With 30 Oakland Police Officers, Even Had Sex For A Bag Of Cheetos

An 80-year-old former Oakland police captain is being charged last this week after admitting to paying for sex with a 19-year-old prostitute.

The retired captain, whose identity has not been disclosed, is being charged with a misdemeanor violation of soliciting a prostitute Jasmine Abuslin, the daughter of a police dispatcher.

The story gets a lot dicier as Jasmine revealed that she’s had sex with 30 Oakland police officers over the last two years, in exchange for money or police information. She claims that for some of that time she was a minor. She is suing the Oakland police department for $66 million on charges including forcible oral sex with a minor, lewd behavior, obstruction of justice, improper use of department computers, and failure to report sexual assault.

At the moment, there are currently six officers being criminally investigated for sex crimes, with District Attorney Mark Peterson claiming that in one instance Cheetos were exchanged for sex with Absulin. Sidenote: Cheetos are fucking delicious. Four of the officers involved were fired last week.

Jasmine claims that only three officers paid her after their encounters, and recalls having up to ten rendezvous with a single cop, reports Daily Mail. She’s yet to name the officers she’s had sex with.

The scandal began to unravel after an officer named Brendan O’Brien killed himself just hours after Abuslin began spilling the beans on Facebook last September. In a suicide note, O’Brien’s referenced his and several other officers’ sexual relationship with the teenage girl.

The scandal has had damning implications for the Oakland PD. In June, the department cycled through three chiefs in 10 days after Jasmine’s allegations were first reported in the media.

[h/t Daily Mail]

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