Bros, There’s Now A Protein-Fortified ‘Fitness Beer.’ Are You Buying It?

Someone combined a protein shake and a beer? Dafuq is this sorcery?!?! Beers have a shit-ton of empty calories and plenty of carbs, but now there’s something called “fitness beers.” That does not compute.

Blake Konrardy quit his job at an insurance company to focus on creating the first protein beer. He was inspired because he would often go to the gym after work and before meeting up with friends for some brewskis. That’s when he came up for the idea for these protein-fortified beers.

He launched Supplemental Brewing and started a Kickstarter to finance his boozy dreams. Konrardy’s motto for his beer is “Where your workout meets your weekend.”

Here’s a description from Supplemental Brewing’s Kickstarter page:

Supplemental Brewing is a startup brewing company that specializes in making beers that not only taste great but also meet your fitness goals. We believe that everyone in America should be able to enjoy a cold protein beer after a hard workout, and we are asking for your help to make that a reality. By backing this project, you will help start the fitness beer revolution.

At time of print, they had 45 backers pledging $5,080 towards their goal of $40,000.

Konrardy designed two beers specifically for weightlifters, and their unique bulking-and-cutting regimen. The first beer is Brewtein, a hefty American wheat ale with five percent alcohol by volume. It is a bulking beer which has higher calories and carbs to help you gain mass. Brewtein has seven grams of whey protein, allowing it to have a “greater protein content than any other beer in existence.”

The other is Nutribeer, a light low carb lager designed to help you cut calories and weight. It features four grams of protein, has four percent alcohol by volume and is said to have a subtle citrus flavor.

Konrardy’s real goal is to open his own “protein focused brew-pub,” where he serves his protein beers as well as healthy bar food like a low-carb Mexican pizza made with a chicken crust.

So are you buying this protein-packed brew or will the beer only cause drunk gym fails?