This Genius Public Health Campaign About ‘Vitamin D’ May Be The Most Sexually Aggressive Campaign Going


Yukon’s Health and Human Services up in Canada knows that sex sells. No one wants to hear a faceless company harp to us about ‘taking care of our bodies’ and ‘living longer’ and ‘being able to play with our children in good health.’ That shit is enriching shit and it’s boring. We don’t want to be reminded of our health deficiencies in the same way we don’t want to be reminded that our phone has used ‘90% of our data for the month,’ because we probably won’t stop watching porn on our iPhones. The work computer is simply playing with fire, so I’ll just take the $20 data hit at the end of the month and continue my meek existence.

The genius marketing people at Yukon decided to speak our language with these excellent campaign ads. They are truly ahead of their time.

^It should be noted that I do not–I repeat DO NOT–condone giving the D to that infant. Way more trouble than it’s worth.

^Do even straight dudes need the D? Yep, it can be administered through the mouth or up the rectum, says health officials.

^Sometimes the D just lays there lifeless. You may want to check it’s blood alcohol level. Inserting your daily dose of D with too high a BAC could be a fruitless endeavor.

[h/t Death and Taxes]

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