This Quadruple Amputee Rottweiler Getting Four Prosthetic Legs Will Make You Forget It’s Monday

Well it’s Monday morning and you’re probably not too chipper about listening to what Cheryl from Accounting did with her nine cats over the weekend.

But I’m here to save your Monday from being really shitty to just kinda shitty by introducing you to Brutus, the Rottweiler from Colorodo who has successfully been given four prothetic legs after a terrible case of frostbite claimed all four of his paws.

In order to have a fighting chance of walking again, Brutus was fitted with prosthetics and put under the care of a special foster parent to transition him into life with his new legs.

The prosthetics were made by a company called Orthopets, a company that makes prosthetics for about 250 animals a year. Fight the good fight.

But if Brutus’ trainer isn’t teaching him to approach bitches at the dog park and ask them to feel his arms of steel, she’s underutilizing his gift and should be suspended without pay.

[H/T Unilad]

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