College Apologizes For Serving Most Racist Meal Ever In Celebration Of Black History Month


Last week, we reported and then debunked the list of the most dangerous college campuses in America. Perhaps the real dangers on college campuses actually work on campuses across the United States because the idea that this menu was a celebration of black history can only come from a dangerous mind.

The president of Wright State University and its dining services vendor have apologized for a Black History Month menu that featured fried chicken and collard greens.

The menu screens at the Ohio school also offered mashed potatoes and cornbread under photos of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and other black leaders.

Of course, as always, administrators and staff acknowledged it was just a mistake — a bad idea from the minds of a few who just don’t understand the meaning behind the meal.

“I think many times, in attempts to be inclusive and to honor diversity, people who might be in the majority community, or in communities other than the ethnic groups they’re trying to honor, sometimes get it wrong,” said Barrett, who is black.

But as always, one student has to get butt hurt about it. “I was really hurt … extremely hurt,” said Billy Barabino, a senior and president of the school’s Black Student Union. “For me, it was a knock in the face for African (and) African-American individuals who have fought for us to be progressive. I was extremely offended by it because it minimizes who we are as a people.”

Really? It minimizes who you are as a person? If the guy creating the menu at your school is able to knock you down mentally with a batch of fried chicken, you’re going to need some thick skin to get through life. Every Columbus Day, my school would serve spaghetti and meatballs in honor of Italian heritage. Did I get offended as an Italian? Well, slightly, but only because there is no way they should have called that shit Italian food.

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