Bro Punches Other Bro In Face 15 TIMES Because You Never Turn Down An Offer Of Ramen Noodles

punch to the face

I’ve seen this same situation play out countless times — though usually much later into the evening/early morning — and it never involved the police. It also never involved the word “no.”

Police say a central Pennsylvania man beat his friend for refusing to eat some ramen noodles.

Brecknock Township police say 23-year-old Brian Douglas Hunter had cooked the noodles about 11:30 p.m. Thursday and became angry when his 20-year-old friend refused to eat them.

This argument had to run deeper than a couple ramen because check out this aggression from Anthony Brodain.

Police say Hunter punched the other man in the right eye 10 to 15 times. Police say the victim had bruises, swelling and a 1-inch cut under his eye.

It doesn’t mention it anywhere in the story but all signs have to point to intoxication. He was drunk for assaulting and the other guy was drunk for not just eating them.

[via AP]

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