Rapper Gets Knocked Out In The Middle Of Rap Battle By Spectator After He Disrespected His Mama

This is what happens when “Yo Mama” jokes don’t go over smoothly. We take you to the U.K. where a rap battle turned into a physical altercation after a rapper poked fun of a heckler’s mother and he took exception to the crack.

There is a rap battle league called “Don’t Flop” in the United Kingdom where lyricists attempt to outrap and outwit their opponents. During one particular rap battle, the rapper was doing his thing, but a heckler kept shouting things during his time. The rapper had enough and lashed out at the heckler and said that his mom looked like the former Manchester United player Paul Scholes.

For those not familiar with soccer, here is what Paul Scholes looks like.

Not the worst looking bloke on the planet, but you’d probably prefer that strangers didn’t compare his mug to that of the woman who brought you into the world.

The spectator then ran on stage and promptly knocked out the rapper in two swift punches.

The moral of the story is never, ever make fun of someone’s mama even in a rap battle.

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