Dude Puts A Raw Egg Into A Vacuum Chamber And Suddenly I Feel Like I’m Tripping Balls

High school was awesome. I had the best Physics teacher, and he was always down to put weird shit into the vacuum chamber we had in our classroom.

My H.S. was a small private school, my graduating class was only 28 kids, and most days we’d finish class early because we were all fucking brilliant (or good at manipulating the teacher into quitting early). When class would wrap up we’d usually head out to the amphitheater outside the classroom and blow something up because our teacher had access to an arsenal of combustible materials, or we’d put some weird shit into the vacuum chamber. My personal favorite was putting Peeps marshmallow candies into the vacuum because they’d blow up to the size of a goddamn chicken, but it was always cool putting liquids in there to see how they’d boil and freeze when the oxygen levels plunged.

In the clip above we’ve got some YouTuber, via the Cody’s Lab YouTube channel, putting a raw egg into a vacuum. Sadly, we never put any raw eggs into our vacuum back in H.S. but watching this video made me realizing I suddenly wanted one of these for my house. My next step will be googling how much they cost and realizing that they cost too much to buy on a whim…Or not, in which case I’ll be the proud owner of a vacuum by the end of the day.

(h/t DIGG)

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