This Model Made A Bronze Cast Of Her Anus–And You Can Too!

Alternative model ‘Rayna Terror’ thought it would be an excellent idea to have her chocolate starfish cast in bronze, and so she headed off to foggy London town to do just that.

From what I’ve gathered so far, being an alternative model means quite a few things, but essentially it means you’re some amalgam of a pin-up girl, suicide girl, and a model who doesn’t conform to typical body stereotypes. Some of you will find her to be quite hot, others of you obviously won’t.

But there’s one thing we can all agree one: if you’re willing to get your asshole cast in bronze, you might have some issues that need to be worked out.

So what happens after the statue/mold is made? Then you’re just going through life with a bronze statue of your anus on the mantle. Anytime someone comes into the house ‘Oh, Rayna, what’s that lovely piece of bronze?’….’Well, that’s my asshole.’

Warning, parts of this video may be slightly NSFW for some of you, though all the nudity is blurred out. This is obviously not a video subject for everyone, so enter at your own risk:

There’s just so many beautiful quotes in there I don’t even know where to begin…but that doctor is SPOT ON in his assessment of anus sculptures: “A sculpture of an anus should be made in chocolate.”

As it turns out, the company ‘Edible Anus’ who cast her balloon knot in bronze, they specialize in making chocolate assholes. Because what man wouldn’t want some lovely lady to give him a replica of her balloon knot made out of chocolate???

If you’re interested in getting a bronze cast of your very own anus, you can head on over to EdibleAnusdotcom and it’s about $1900 to have your very own bespoke starfish cast.

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