Real Estate Honcho Draws Penises Over Artwork in Ex-Girlfriend’s Home

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Sean Ludwick, a 41-year-old managing partner at a New York real estate firm, wanted to effectively dic-tate his anger after discovering his girlfriend was sleeping with someone else. So he slipped into her Tribeca apartment and drew penises on her artwork.

To be fair, it was artwork he had created for her. “It’s all my artwork,” Ludwick told the New York Post as he faces charges of trespassing and harassment. “I’m an amateur artist, and they’re displayed in my place. I just wanted to update the pieces.” But like a Star Wars angry at another re-release, the girlfriend wasn’t too pleased with his updates.

Ludwick didn’t just hit the apartment with penis pictures: Ludwick also knifed the words “Studio Art” onto two stools and splashed paint on a floor, all while drunk on the night of Feb. 17. I know nothing about Ludwick’s relationship other than what is currently being presented in a Manhattan criminal court. But I find him a hero for this quote alone.

“I became unhappy when I found out she was having an affair,” Ludwick, 41, told The Post before his appearance Monday in Manhattan Criminal Court. “I augmented my work to reflect my emotions at that moment.”

After Ludwick’s ex-girlfriend stumbled onto the scene of her now-trashed apartment, Ludwick texted her, “Sorry about the paint, I was a little drunk this weekend.” But he had also sent emails to his girlfriend’s bosses labeling her a harlot, which really caught the ire of the police, and last Wednesday, Ludwick was arrested and charged with computer trespassing, aggravated harassment, criminal mischief, stalking and impersonation.

But, thankfully, none for crimes against art.

[H/T: NY Post]

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