Guy Lists All The Weird Reasons His Wife Cries And It Must Be Exhausting To Live With Her

Look, everyone needs a good cry every once in a while. Even men. We’re approaching the anniversary of my biggest and oddest crying fit of all time. It was 2006, I was alone in my new condo were I’d lived for only a few weeks, and it was a couple months after my parents sold their house. It was the house I’d grown up in and the only home I’d ever known.

So I’m watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade — a family viewing tradition for years — and the Woodstock balloon comes around the corner and I just start balling my face off. I’m assuming it was either because so many life changes happened and the emotions all just bottled up inside until BOOM! or I really fucking love Woodstock.

Death of close family. A couple Super Bowl wins. Woodstock. Probably the only times in the last ten years I’ve really let one out. It’s the people who cry constantly that amaze and scare me.

A Redditor sat down and wrote all the reasons his wife has spontaneously busted out into a fit of tears over the past few weeks. The list reads more like a reason for divorce. Check out all the reasons she started crying which include gay swans, piglets, the absence of biscuits and random hand holding.

Jesus. I mean it’s a job keeping this broad in one piece. She’s gotta stop thinking about those fucking swan. I’m sure there were more instances this guy didn’t catch or just plumb blocked out for sanity purposes.

I bet she sees this list online and starts crying.

[via Reddit]

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