Trump Supporter Banned From Delta Flights For Life After Calling Passengers ‘Hillary Bitches’ On A Plane

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In life there are sore losers and sore winners. Both are equally insufferable and douchey. Last week, on a flight from Atlanta to Allentown, this Donald Trump fan went on a tirade while boarding the plane. Kinda seems like someone was throwing back too many whiskey gingers at the airport bar on a layover and thought boarding the airplane was the equivalent to having the mic in a WWE ring:

The man, who has yet to be identified, shocked passengers on board an Delta flight traveling from Atlanta to Allentown last week when he began yelling about President-elect Trump.

Emma Baum, a passenger on board the flight, posted a 45-second video of the man’s tirade to her Facebook page, adding, “Didn’t take long to notice that I’m back in ‘Merica…” In the video, which quickly went viral, the man can be seen calling passengers, among other things, “Hillary b—es.”

The man wasn’t removed from the plane, sparking public objections about his intimidating language towards strangers on the plane. Today Delta’s CEO announced that he is no longer welcome to board a Delta aircraft ever again:

The moral of the story? We get it, your horse won. Now have some chill and stop being an insufferable asshat.

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