Did This College Bro Develop A Proven Remedy For Hangovers?

Hangover Cure


How many times have you wanted to drink, but had something important to do the next day, like a huge exam or appear in court? Everyone loves to get crunked but the dreaded hangover often puts a damper on the fun times. Hangovers make the night of fun almost regrettable.

A bro from Princeton University might have discovered a hangover cure and it’s not greasy food or butt sex — although those are awesome — and his secret might be in three little pills. Brooks Powell explained his hangover problems to NJ.com.

“When I went to school, it was basically my first time at a college campus and I saw a lot of drinking,” said Powell, a 21-year-old Houston native. “I was thinking, ‘Man, if anyone ever came across a way to cure a hangover, that’d be great.’ The last thing on people’s minds when they’re drinking a lot is a hangover. They’re in the zone.”

Known as Thrive+, Powell’s “post-alcohol supplement” incorporates vitamins, minerals, plant extracts and antioxidants that promote liver function and hydration and decrease the amount of chemical change on the body. Its main component is dihydromyricetin, extracted from Chinese vine tea and known in Asian countries to remedy hangovers, he said.”

See, so no cheeseburgers or anal, but it probably won’t matter since you’ll allegedly feel so good the next day. Maybe you’ll feel so good burgers and butt will be easier to attain.

With the tagline “Enjoy Tonight. Thrive Tomorrow.,” the product advises consumers to take three pills before bed or after their final drink to help the body recover from short-term alcohol withdrawal, dehydration and loss of electrolytes, he said.

You can try Thrive+ here. If this stuff works, this bro will be a legend.

H/T NJ.com

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