The 10 Most Ridiculous Suggestions Google’s Auto-Populate Function Yields

Well, it turns out the most fun you can have with Google autocompletes is trying to get Google to finish your questions. Here are our top ten that we need to find the answers to:

Can Rabbits Smoke Weed?

We don't know about your rabbit but ours smokes weed everyday. We don't mind too much, we just wished that for once he would buy the next batch.

Are Babies Dishwasher Safe?

As long as you make sure you use  Finish Quantum you should be fine. It never hurt our cousin Steve growing up. Saying that, he is in the bottom set for Maths and English at school.

Why Won't my Parakeet Eat my Diarrhea?

The trick is to smear some on a cracker. Parakeets love a good cracker, even those soaked in diarrhea.

When is Slap a Ginger Day?

Isn't everyday slap a ginger day? No? Are you sure? Our friend ginger Joe gets slapped most days by this girl we know.

How Can I Get My Girlfriend to Tape her Fingers and Pretend She's a Dinosaur?

Try asking her nicely. If that does not work, why not wait until she's a sleep? When the police come knocking, just explain every thing and we are sure they will understand.

Did you Water Your Airport, Jim?

Jim, you had one job! Please don't say that you've forgot to wash your airport again? God, Jim! Why are we even friends?

Can I Have That Big Elephant Over There?

Which elephant are you talking about, Sir? Sir, you will have to be more precise than that; after all, we are in Africa you know.

What Do You Think of LOL For My Baby's Name?

Sure, call your baby “LOL.” There's no way in a millions years they will ever be bullied in school. Why not also call your next child “ROFL” or “LMAO” while you're at it?

What Happens When You Fart In A Smart Car?

Oh! We really wouldn't do that if we were you. What, you don't believe us? Well ask our friend Dave. Now he has no Smart car, no wife and no job. Okay, don't say we didn't warn you.

Don't you Hate it When a Llama Named Carl Stabs me 37 Times and Eats my Hands

It's really annoying when a llama named Carl stabs you 36 times, but, boy, 37… now that's a really bad day. We best call work and tell them we can't come in today we guess.

Someone needs to make a Who Wants to be a Millionaire parody with these questions. 

Many thanks to Who Searches This Stuff for the post.

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