Pissed Off Woman Road Rages On Guy For Hitting Her New Car By Flashing Her ‘Airbags’ At His Kids

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The middle finger just doesn’t get the reaction it once did so this Las Vegas woman stepped up her game during a recent traffic accident — she flashed some boobies.

“She was using the emergency lane to bypass traffic. She was almost hitting cars That’s when she tried to cut in front of me and that’s when it happened,” said Adrian Rodriguez, the driver who accidentally hit the flasher. “She was angry for a little bit, then she calmed down. Then she got angry. She went behind my truck, took a picture of my plates.”

While all this was going on, she made sure to make an impact on Rodriquez and his young family in the car.

“First, she tried to pull her pants down,” said Adrian Rodriguez, “But since my truck was lifted, she saw that we couldn’t see, so that’s when she flashed us.”

The unnamed woman could face a number of felony charges.

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