Road Rage Incident In London Leads To An Old-Fashioned Slug Fest And A Dude Getting Knocked Out

I’m a pretty laid back dude. Like I’m legit too lazy to care about most things. One of the rare occasions when my patience runs thin is shitty driving. If you suck at driving, you probably suck at life. And it’s fucking infuriating, because it’s so goddamn easy. Just step on the gas, turn the wheel, and don’t kill anyone. Very straightforward. And if you neglect to follow those instructions, you best believe I’m going to drive up alongside your car and call you a “cock” while flipping off your young, impressionable child in the backseat.

That’s why it was so easy for me to understand the blood-curdling anger that these two lads from London must have felt toward each other when one of them pissed off the other behind the wheel. No doubt in my mind each of them were swinging to kill. Looks like one of them succeeded.

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