Shocker Stat of the Day: Rockstars Live Shorter Than Coffee-Drinking, 9-5 Working Schlubs

 According to a recent study done by a group of UK researchers, rock stars do live faster (and die younger) after all. In this comparative analysis of the survival rate of the general population and nearly 1,500 musicians in North American and Europe, American artists were the hardest hit: only 2/3 of the stars were still alive 40 years after their first big break, compared to 80 percent of the normal population at similar ages.

Very interesting how this whole thing seems to be framed, though. Doesn't really appear to address what's probably to be the more “important” question–would you rather live a long life that's shitty, or a shorter life that's awesome? Yes, a sweeping generality for an issue that's A LOT more complex than that one basic premise. But just take a mo' vaughn and consider that for a sec. 

So for all of you who despise One Direction, fear not! When 2050 rolls around, there will probably only be 3 left standing. 

[H/T: Daily