Roller Coaster Goes Off The Rails And Plunges 30 Feet To The Ground, Several Injured

The Tsunami roller coaster at M&D’s theme park in Motherwell, Scotland came off the tracks and crashed to the ground on Sunday. There is believed to be eight to ten people on board the roller coaster that fell 30-feet to the ground after derailing.

“We can confirm we are currently working with other emergency services to ascertain the full extent of the situation,” a Police Scotland statement said. “We can confirm there are injured parties – approximately seven people.”

Eyewitness Demi Campbell tweeted, “In shock at what I’ve just witnessed in M&Ds. Hope everyone is safe. I’m in complete shock.”

The park has been evacuated.

Tsunami is Scotland’s only inverted roller coaster. The ride reaches speeds of up to 40 mph, barrelling through corkscrew twists and loops.

Here is a POV video of what a ride on the Tsunami roller coaster looks like.