Bro Straps 3,840 Firework Rockets To The Bed Of His Truck And WOOOOOO, ‘Merica!

For his Fourth of July celebration, vlogger Roman Atwood strapped 3,840 firework rockets into the bed of his truck and shot them off to celebrate the birth of our nation. This video’s actually unnecessarily long. The fireworks don’t get going until around 12:50, so I’ve started the clip just before to save you the time of watching him go shopping for fireworks.

Other than sex, I cannot imagine a better use for the bed of a truck than this. Shooting off fireworks is one of my favorite American traditions, alongside Never Losing World Wars and Being #1 At Being #1. Shooting off an excessive amount of fireworks is as American as Apple Pie. Why? Because everything done in excess is the American Way.

It’s like an All You Can Eat Buffett of fireworks. Which, reminds me, I think there should be a shooting range-style location in Las Vegas where you can go pay to have unlimited bottle rocket and roman candle fights with your bros just like you can pay to go shoot automatic assault weapons. Why doesn’t this exist yet?

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